Why Fence Maintenance and Repair

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Why Fence Maintenance and Repair

All good fences need periodic maintenance to keep them functioning properly and looking their best. When faced with damage, the first decision is whether to repair or replace. Armed with the tips shown in this guide, you can make a fence as good as new with minimal need to replace sections.

Lots of people have a fence in their yard for a variety of different reasons. Whether its purpose is to keep pets from escaping, to add a bit of privacy, for security or just as part of the décor, fences are a great way to add a point of difference to your yard!

One of the main reasons that fences need repairing is due to problems caused by weather. Severe weather like heavy rainfall, snowstorms, harsh winds and salt air can all cause degradation of your fence, or can even cause parts of the fence to break entirely.

Fence maintenance is the best way to get the most from your fence, and with only a few regular checks and procedures, you will be able to keep your fence in tip-top shape!

Make sure that your sprinkler system avoids your fence as this can cause damp, clear off any leaves and vines that may fall or grown on your fence, and regularly pressure wash and varnish your fence to keep it looking good and treated well.

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