4 Tree Trimming and Pruning Mistakes To Avoid

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It goes almost without saying that trees grown on commercial and residential properties call for routine maintenance so as to thrive in their suburban and urban locations. Some trees are actually extremely sensitive and weak. Leave them bushy for a month or two and they fall off on their own. Some end up messing the whole landscape and eventually refuse to grow. With the help of a tree pruning service provider though, you can always be sure of healthy, stable and beautiful trees. But before then, it is important to know a thing or two about tree maintenance. With that in mind, avoid the following tree pruning mistakes at all costs.

Over Pruning

Tree removal service providers are always cautious when it comes to pruning. They know that trees need strategic pruning in order to remove broken branches and dead barks. Do it right and a tree that had overgrown will become stable within a few weeks. Do it wrong and you end up losing a tree. Keep in mind that trees are different. Some grow tall, complete with so many limbs, too much foliage and peeling barks. Others hardly need regular pruning. Your best bet is to understand the trees species you have and what it takes to prune them. This should not be a problem with a tree pruning service provider on your speed dial.

Note that over-pruning is any type of pruning that involves getting rid or at least 20% of a tree’s foliage. This always causes undue stress to a tree however strong it is. It also brings about structural instability which has a negative impact on aesthetic beauty of a tree.

Tree Topping

This comes in as the second most common mistake after overrunning. It refers to the harmful process of chopping off a tree’s crown at the very top. The results are as you may expect, unappealing shape and less foliage. It simply discourages bloom growth. Most people who do it often have reasons such as avoiding tree contact with property structures and utility lines. Problem is, this harmful practice hardly ever provides a long lasting solution. It actually does more harm than good. The best one can do is to leave the job to a professional tree cutting service provider.

Incorrect Tree Cuts

Tree pruning is not all about knowing which branches and limbs should be removed. It also involves knowing how to cut off a branch or limb without compromising a tree’s future growth and overall health. For instance, lopping of a tree limb or branch with the tree trunk causes the tree collar to also come off. This is the most critical part as far as a tree’s healing process is concerned. Minus the tee collar, the tree will be left with an open wound. It won’t be able to create a callous to prevent attacks from invasive insects or tree diseases.

Poor Timing

When it comes to pruning trees, timing is always important. That is why tree pruning in Houston only happens at a given time of the year. The best time, contrary to what many people think, is not summer. That’s because during summer, trees area expending their energy reserves growing and creating fresh leaves. The additional stress from pruning is summer can therefore put a tree’s growth at risk. For the sake of a tree’s long term health and immediate recovery, always prune during the cooler months.

Hiring Amateurs

Take time to find a tree pruning service provider you can trust. The right tree care company can actually make a big difference when it comes to tree health and the aesthetic appeal that comes along with professional tree pruning. Take into account things such as reviews, experience and even costs when looking for a tree pruning service provider.

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